Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the purpose for empowering pharmacy students, researchers, educators, and practitioners to transform healthcare, globally.

  • Rigorous education of students and practitioners
  • Diversity of professionals
  • Successes in research and scholarly output
  • National and international recognition of faculty and students
  • Partnerships with outside entities
  • International collaborations and strategic alliances
  • Number in international students
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success, growth and engagement of our alumni


  • To provide and continuously upgrade the infrastructure, state-of-the–art technology and training for the students and faculty.
  • To encourage high quality research in drug discovery in collaboration with industries.
  • To implement modern informative methods in class room and laboratories for improving teaching and learning process.
  • To Guide budding Pharmacists into learning about the beauty and joy of learning so that they develop a life-long devotion towards learning.